Daily Tarot Card – Five of Wands (Stakes)

Five of StakesOk, another Stake (Wand) card. Better than that streak of Swords I had for a while.

Very different take on the card, from Place. He points out all of Dracula’s superhuman abilities, such as having the strength of 20 men, being able to shape-shift, and the power of hypnosis to control his victims and subdue their will. He also mentions that actors used the “stare” in films to convey this, and the hand gesture of making like claws. I never really picked up on that in the films, but I do it a lot when I’m annoyed and hiss and act like a cat about to scratch someone (you know, as a joke, as you do).

Anyway, the meaning given for this card is creativity and energy expressed through hands, and possibly the power to influence people. I like that. The 5 of Wands is generally more about a battle, having to defend yourself. Hassles (like when I hiss at the phone or my computer when it hangs). Disagreements. I like Place’s take on the card much better.


What do you think?

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