Daily Tarot Card – Knight of Wands

Knight of WandsBack to the Shadowscapes deck. Today the Knight of Wands comes charging in. Wands of course are Fire, and the Knight is air of fire. There’s a little bit of the water from the Queen in him, tempering his fiery nature, so he’s not without feeling. He’s brash and dynamic. Think of a keynote speaker at a sales seminar. He can get the room fired up with a rousing speech. He’s cunning and smart like the foxes that accompany him, and as bold and fearless as the lion he rides. Not entirely sure why the lion has horns, though. They’re not goat horns, more like a gazelle. (Law also put horns on the lion in the Strength card, but those are rams horns. Again, I have no idea why.)

While his enthusiasm can be infectious, be sure to use good judgement and the foxes’ wiles to keep from getting yourself stuck in a trap. Don’t let someone sweet-talk you into something you’re either not ready for or not interested in. When you make a decision based on facts, be bold and don’t let anyone stop you from going after what you want.


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