New Arrival and Daily Tarot Card – Death

2016 Tarot of Prague DeathWhat a great way to start off with the new edition of the Tarot of Prague! Can’t say the Tarot doesn’t have a sense of humor.

This is one of the Death cards from the new 2016 edition (it comes with 2 Death cards, and 2 Sun cards, so you can pick which ones you want to use. I don’t know why Death and Sun were done twice, instead of any other cards. Maybe they just came up with 2 designs for each and couldn’t decide which ones they liked best so put both in). Ok yes, I went whole hog on this, but we already know I’m a Tarotholic and my habit was down on me, man :::scratches self:::  Well, I’ll do a full write up on it as soon as I have time, but that time is not now.

The book says Death is portrayed nine times in this card, and while some people see him, others do not (no I haven’t found them all yet). Death comes for us all, in time in the physical sense, but many times throughout our lives as we redefine who we are.

Death rarely if ever points to a physical death. But it does indicate a complete shake-up in one’s life. From every ending there is a beginning. New life flows from old. Many people don’t take well to huge shifts in their lives (retirement, losing a job, divorce, moving to a new place) and it can be traumatic. But sometimes we have no choice and have to give up our need to be in control and just go with what we’ve got. Make the most of whatever life throws at you. In the long run, we’re usually better off for it.

Death overlayTossing in this second shot to try to show the metallic overlay. It’s really subtle on this deck, even moreso than the Alice Tarot. Death is all gold and the clouds are silvery-blue. The arrow Death holds is even metallic red. It’s incredibly hard to photograph well.


What do you think?

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