Daily Tarot Card – The Blasted Oak

Blasted Oak, Wildwood Tarot

From the Wildwood Tarot. I deliberately pulled this one out today because I had a strange dream last night. I was sitting on the floor in a house which in some superficial ways resembled the house I lived in in New Jersey. There was one other person with me, I don’t know who. I was sitting on the floor in a tiny, empty room, when suddenly there was a very loud thunderclap, louder than any I’ve ever heard, and then a crackling explosion, and I knew lightning had hit something very close by. It was quite terrifying. I ran to a window to see what had happened and looked down onto the front lawn (which was way bigger in my dream than the lawn of that house) and an enormous branch had been shattered and broken off a tree in the yard.

As far as I know, there was no thunderstorm in the area last night. The noise of the thunder and the lightning strike was so loud and overpowering in the dream that when I woke up I wondered if there had been a storm during the night that I’d slept through, but worked the noise of thunder into the dream. In the dream I was cowering on the floor from the noise, it was like a war zone. It just went on and on, and then the explosive sound of the lightning hitting the tree, and the branch crashing down were so real. The only thing I can think of that might have triggered this is all the tornadoes that have been hitting in Kansas in the last couple of days. I’ve had nightmares about tornadoes before, but I’ve never lived in an area that gets the huge ones like in the midwest. We have been known to get small ones here, but the damage is generally minimal.

I don’t think I’ve had a dream in which the sound was so vivid or central. Very strange.


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