Daily Tarot Card – 4 of Arrows

Today’s card from the Wildwood Tarot. The 4 of Arrows (Swords). Notice the arrows are not piercing the person, but have instead landed around him, almost like a crib effect. Perhaps he’s dreaming of becoming the butterfly. The books says rays of energy are coming off the butterfly, not sure I can see that. The…

Daily Tarot Card – The Green Woman

¬†Analogous to the Empress. The Green Woman’s position on the Wheel of the Year is Midsummer (Summer Solstice, or Litha). Element is Fire, hour is noon. She is the earthly manifestation of female solar energy, feminine fire. Fire is associated in the Tarot with creativity, and the Green Woman is all things green and fertile….

Daily Tarot Card – Two of Bows

Bows occupy the season of Summer (Beltane through Lughnasa) on the Wheel. Their element is Fire, so Wands in most decks. The Two of Bows shows a man holding two unfinished bow staves, bursting with creative force. He looks like he’s about to step through a doorway, or a portal created by the two staves….

Daily Tarot Card – The Archer

The Archer, from the Wildwood Tarot. Its place on the Wheel of the Year is the Spring Equinox (March 21). Element is Air, creativity and new ideas, inspiration. It looks as if she and her faithful hunting dogs just came out of the mist behind them, as if they’d used it for a shield while…