Daily Tarot Card – Four of Cups

ToP 4 of Cups2Four of Cups from the Tarot of Prague. I gave up trying to get the colors and brightness adjusted. This is pretty close, but monitors vary so it may be slightly off.

Wow is this me this morning. It’s a beautiful day outside, and I was thinking of mornings like this when I’ve been at home (weekends) and how much I love the cool quiet morning with the sun shining, feeling like I have the whole world to myself (until the neighbors get up and start running all their power tools). And as I walked into the building where I work it all felt so unnatural being here. I hated jobs, and buildings, and shoes, and cars, and all the things that make up “civilization.” Admittedly when it’s 100ºF in two days’ time I’ll be ever so grateful for air conditioning.

This card shows a general ennui, a dissatisfaction with life. The shepherd is daydreaming, paying no attention to his sheep, or the cups stacked up in front of him. It’s a “there has to be more to life than this” moment. This card reminds us to really take stock of what’s important, and rather than sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, weed out what doesn’t make us happy in our lives, and focus more on what does. Collecting material things isn’t the answer. Going out for the sake of going out probably isn’t either. Take some time to discover what really nurtures your soul, and focus on those things.


What do you think?

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