Daily Tarot Card – Page of Swords

Page of Swords from the Tarot of Prague by Baba Studio.

Tarot of Prague Page of SwordsToday I did things a little differently. Honestly the colors (at least on this monitor) aren’t doing it justice. The sky is a soft blue, but more blue than it looks here. Sigh. I can never seem to get the colors quite right.

The sword the page holds is that of Bruncvik, whose statue guards the Charles Bridge (which makes a couple of appearances in the book). You can read more about Bruncvik and his magic sword here.

Anyway, this lovely young woman (according to the book it is a woman) seems to be guarding her beloved Prague. And who can blame her. The shield at her side is the shield of the city. The card indicates someone who is “full of energy, enthusiasm and cleverness, but you find it hard to let your guard down.” That’s my Scorpio ascendant there. This keeps coming up for me. I finally ‘fessed up to a friend last week about my book, which I almost never discuss with anyone I know in real life. Right away she wanted to read it, bless her. This card is asking whether I need to be as guarded as I am, what is all the vigilance for? I find it so hard to discuss with people in real life. I’m extremely paranoid about anyone at work knowing after hearing stories over the years of people losing jobs when their employers found out they were writers. I’m sure there’s more to those stories, but it just makes me nervous, hence the pen name.


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