Daily Tarot Card – Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups from the Tarot of Prague. I always want to say to the person in this card, “What are you doing? Turn around! Look what’s behind you!”

Tarot of Prague 8 of CupsThe usual meaning of the card is walking away from a good situation, heedless of what’s being left behind. The picture often indicates someone leaving in the dark, striking out in a gloomy or distraught frame of mind. The book with this deck, however, suggests it’s time to move on, maybe things have been too comfortable and you’ve become stuck in a rut. It’s a kind of gilded cage and you need to leave your comfort zone for bigger and better things. Those kinds of moves are really scary. Things may be good, but don’t pass up something better if it comes along. The lady’s colorful clothes indicate optimism and heading toward a celebration. She’s stepping out of one thing with high hopes and expectations for the next adventure. She’s thoughtful, she hasn’t done this on a whim, but it’s been building up for some time and she’s finally making the move.


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