Daily Tarot Card – Three for the Price of One

Doing things a little differently today. I actually pulled these cards last night, with a sort of general question about how today would go. The three cards are for “morning” “noon” and “afternoon”. Kinda, sorta. These are from the “Sun and Moon” Tarot by Vanessa Decort. The deck is more Crowley-based than Waite-based, but it’s a bit of a hybrid of the two. For one, like the Thoth deck, Justice is 8, Strength is 11, but then the illustrated minors are more reminiscent of Waite’s deck.


Sun and Moon Justice 6 Cups Strength


I haven’t used this deck much but I really like it. The Strength card in particular mesmerized me last night, I just sat and held it and stared at it for a while. But let’s start at the beginning.

Justice tells me to be honest, especially with myself. The scales (according to the booklet) balance the present and the future: a flaming heart, and a feather. The future must be lighter because we haven’t weighed it down with our nonsense yet. The butterfly wings are a promise of transformation. There is also the yin and yang symbol. I’ve been reading Hajo Banzhaf’s book, “Tarot and the Journey of the Hero” and the chapter on the Chariot card spends a lot of time talking about opposites, and how we would not recognize one if we didn’t have the other (day/night/ good/evil, male/female). I started wondering what else there might be besides day and night. We have minor divisions like dawn and twilight. But could something more “other” exist in another universe? How would we even recognize it? Anyway, the yin/yang thing always leaps out at me now when I see it.

The Six of Cups shows us two children playing in the water. Is there anything kids like better? I was such a water-rat when I was a kid, and still today I’m happiest near water, or at the beach. It’s very primal. We came out of the sea millions of years ago, and it seems somehow that yearning to return to it is still in my DNA. I know others are terrified of the water, but it’s always been a source of comfort and solace to me. Maybe I’ll get some writing done at lunch that won’t totally suck.

And finally Strength. What a cool rendition. Another card about balance. The snake curling up the leg of the woman on the wolf symbolizes male energy (creative, active, passionate, forward motion). The flower is for female energy: receptiveness, letting go of the need to control and allowing things to happen. Instead of forcing the issue, using calm persuasion to get things done. The wolf and the moon represent creativity. This card is about inner strength, facing your fears and controlling them. This doesn’t mean ignoring them, just acknowledge them and learn to work around them. It’s ok to be afraid but don’t let fear rule you.

I haven’t discussed the Hebrew letters on the cards because I don’t understand them here. She doesn’t follow Crowley’s system, and I know next to nothing about Hebrew anyway. Ok absolutely nothing. Besides that, there’s a lot of disagreement about which letter should go with which card and if you even want to correlate Tarot trumps with Hebrew letters. I don’t because I don’t know enough about it.


2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot Card – Three for the Price of One

  1. Well if it was due to my post, I’m glad it turned out you like it! 🙂 I’ve had that book for years and am just now getting around to reading it. I wish I hadn’t waited, what a gold mine.

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