The Pippa Tarot

I’m a member of the Tarot Collector’s Forum and have been for years. The last few years got kind of lean and I had to steel myself to stay away, as the site is dedicated to collecting and creating Tarot decks, and not to readings or other aspects of Tarot. Seriously. They will send you packing if you want to discuss readings in any way, shape, or form. You also have to request to become a member, and once the owner is satisfied you’re not a bot or troll you can get in. You don’t need to know the secret handshake or anything. Anyway, many of the members are actively involved in creating decks, and I recently ventured back to see what’s new and exciting, and ran across a deck created by Saskia Jansen a couple of years ago. It was SO ADORABLE and so cleverly done I had to say so, and I was delighted to find out she still had a copy left that I was able to buy. There were only 50 copies printed, so this was an incredible stroke of luck after all this time.

The deck was created using Pippa dolls, fashion dolls put out by Palitoy, that were popular years ago in the UK. I think there was a U.S. equivalent but I’m not sure. The deck has two versions each of The Fool, Strength, Temperance, and three versions of The Lovers. All the figures in the cards are female, including the Emperor, Hierophant, Hanged Man, and all the court cards, though I believe there were some male dolls in the line. So each version of The Lovers shows two female dolls. The minors are pips, just showing the suit symbols in the appropriate number.

The entire deck was up on Photobucket, but I couldn’t get the site to load so Saskia may have taken it down now. But here are a few images.

death high-priestess judgement strength-a strength-a-jpg the-chariot the-hierophant the-moon the-star wheel-of-fortune-jpgI love the Fates or Norns on the Wheel of Fortune, and Diana on the Moon. Saskia did such a wonderful job with costumes and props for each of the cards, and that background on the Death card is fantastic. The cards are large, 3 1/2″x 5 1/2″ on heavy, glossy cardstock. It’s very thick when all stacked together. I haven’t had a chance to try reading with it yet, but will post when I do. Now I’ll need to find a nice box or possibly make a bag for it, it came with neither but that’s fine. She had thought about having it printed by TheGameCrafter but that didn’t work out. It would have been a shame to shrink them down to their standard size. Maybe someday she’ll reprint. I’m not even a doll fan in general, but just the way this was done makes it so charming. She clearly put a lot of effort into this.

What do you think?

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