SoulsJourneyTarot on Etsy

I just opened an Etsy shop for Tarot Readings, SoulsJourneyTarot (Etsy forces you to run it all together, unfortunately). At the moment I have six options to choose from: a one-card reading for $10; a 3-card reading for $20; 2 different 4-card reads (one using Angel Blessing cards rather than Tarot) for $30 each; a 6-card reading for $60; and a 10-card reading for $120. That may seem like a lot, but a 10-card spread will take about 4 hours to complete, including shuffling and laying out the cards, interpreting them, writing it down/typing it up, taking a photo of the spread, and assembling the whole into an email. It is a great deal of work.

Tarot cards
3-card spread using the Mythical Creatures Tarot from Baba Studio

I hope you’ll check it out and find a spread that suits you. The cards pictured are not necessarily the ones I’ll use.

What do you think?

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