Down but not Out

I haven’t been posting readings here for a long time. Mostly I post daily cards over on my Instagram account (d.d.syrdal) but today I needed more than one card. So here are 3 lovelies from the Victorian Romantic Tarot from Baba Studio.

8-8-17 reading

So… let’s see. Ten of Swords is not one of the cards you really want to pull, but on the bright side, despite its dire depiction, the 10s are the end of a cycle. While things feel bleak, and maybe you’re hitting rock bottom, the only way to go now is up.

And see here, we have the Queen of Pentacles next. Wow do I wish I had her hair. This is a grounded, practical woman who knows how to manage her home and family, and finances. She’s very similar to the Empress in that she is loving and nurturing, great with kids, the kind of person who makes everyone feel better. Like Piper on “Charmed”. She’s someone you can lean on when you’re down (looking at you, 10 of Swords).

And then we have the Six of Swords. Maybe our Queen is navigating me away from troubles to a more settled place. Maybe a new boss, leading the way in a new job? I’ve been out of work since March, and nothing promising on the horizon. Perhaps that’s all about to change?

I hope I hope I hope.


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