Tarot of Prague High Priestess

I recently had someone question my Tarot addiction, as being on a par with collecting say, spoons, or plates. Not that spoons and plates aren’t useful.

The thing with Tarot is, it never stops giving. It keeps expanding in scope and expands you along with it. There’s always more to learn and that’s what keeps me fascinated. If they were simply a fortune-telling device, I think the cards would have lost their luster for me ages ago. But the cards take you into yourself, teach you about yourself, make you think. Or they should, anyway.

Get beyond the basics of “how to read Tarot” books and delve into the more esoteric tomes. A personal favorite is Hajo Banzhaf’s “Tarot and the Journey of the Hero” which horrifyingly seems to be out of print. If you can find a reasonably-priced used copy, treat yourself. It covers the 22 Major Arcana using the Waite-Smith deck and goes into detail about the symbolism on the cards.

Another favorite book, even if you’re not into the deck (although I am, I adore the vampires) is the book that accompanies Ian Daniels’ “Tarot of Vampyres”, Phantasmagoria.  I reviewed the deck when I got it years ago, you can read that here. Beyond the lovely artwork, the book has some of the best insights into the cards I’ve ever read.

One reason I collect decks is I gain so much from different perspectives. Tarot is not static, and each new interpretation brings fresh insights. There are literally, LITERALLY, thousands of decks out there. Not everything appeals to everyone. Sometimes the decks I think I’ll like the most turn out to be the ones I use the least. Some have gorgeous art, but lack depth. Still, the value is in the eye of beholder. What appeals to me may leave someone else cold. It’s definitely not a “one-size-fits-all,” and yet what doesn’t appeal to me one day may completely captivate me on another. My taste in decks has changed over time. I’m much more selective about buying decks now after having been disappointed so often in the past.

Tarot of Prague Wheel of Fortune

I feel Tarot makes you more thoughtful, and teaches us to take the long view of things. It makes us consider different aspects of a situation, and can give us hope that however bleak things may be at the moment, the Wheel of Fortune never stops turning, and things will change. Sometimes the cards are the only friend I’ve got.

Whatever you collect, I hope it brings you as much joy as the Tarot cards bring me.


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