Continuing on with my Whispers of Healing oracle, today I pulled Wellbeing.

img001 (3)

This card recommends trying to remain upbeat, while acknowledging that this can be difficult through times of trials and upheavals in life. It encourages examining my beliefs and worldview, and how those impact my behaviors. Our thoughts and attitudes affect how we respond, and feel.

Changing unhealthy habits, whatever they may be, is key. First step of course is recognizing them. It’s difficult to assess ourselves objectively, but we must be honest with ourselves if anything is to be accomplished. This reminds me of a little book I was gifted years ago, “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen (which I blogged about over on my other blog years ago). The title comes from the Biblical Book of Proverbs, 23:7, that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” We are shaped by our deepest beliefs.

I guess it ties back to yesterday’s card of Compassion. If I want to change this stressful mindset about my fear of losing my job it comes down to my attitude. Somehow I need to let go of the anger I have toward that terrible boss, and my fear of being jobless. I honestly don’t know which is stronger. My nightmares have combined the two, where I get fired from the terrible job. I left that terrible job on my own when I found a new job, but I’m still angry that I was treated so badly that it was driving me to depression. And I come from a long line of grudge-holders, so overcoming this is going to be difficult.

Anyway, the card. The flowing hair and light around the fairy illustrate the flow of natural energy. This is all around us, too. Some people are aware of it, most are not. The foxglove kind of surprised me. The book says it stands for self-awareness. While it can treat heart problems, it can also be deadly. If you’re not up on plants, this is where digitalis and digoxin come from.

So the moral of this card is we must change our habits to change our lives, and move toward happiness.

What do you think?

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