Connected and Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle

To all the witches, healers, herbalists, medicine men and women, out there…

To all the shaman, guides, teachers and visionaries…

To all the change agents, revolutionaries and believers…

This is for you. You know who you are…

From the Forward. An intriguing opening.

I honestly don’t remember what I was looking for online when I stumbled across this oracle deck. I was probably looking for images from some Tarot deck, and in the images that came up in the search there must have been one that led me to the Phoenix & Lotus website where I found this deck. You know how it goes. I have no idea if it’s available elsewhere, or if they are the exclusive distributor here in the States.  But I will say they ship very quickly (I had it in about two days) and included a short handwritten thank you note.

In truth I’ve never been much for oracle decks. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Tarot girl and not many oracles hold any fascination for me. But this one did. I found the artwork somewhat similar to the style of Kim Krans’s Wild Unknown Tarot, and at first thought it might have been another deck by her, but it’s not. This deck is by Lauren Aletta (creator) and Tegan Swyny (illustrator), and apparently self-published in Australia. Lauren’s website is Inner Hue. I’m a little late to this party; this deck is now in its second edition, and the copyright on the cards says 2014 so, yeah, it’s been out there for a while. But like I said, I normally stick to Tarot.

So anyway, this is a 55 card deck, and I really love the artwork. On to some pictures:

Connected and Free

I do want to mention that the stone in the photo does NOT come with the deck. I ordered that separately. It’s a lepidolite, if you’re curious.

The box is a two-part, lift-off style and while the paper seems to be some kind of recycled, unbleached paper, I’m not sure how sturdy the box really is. I think I’ll be making a nice padded bag to hold the deck and book in if I carry it around.


img011 img012


The cardstock is good, not too thick, but definitely not flimsy. They should hold up well. The finish is a smooth matte and they shuffle nicely. The cards measure 3″x5″. The 145-page book is in black and white, with a page for each card, with a couple of spreads and some reading advice.


It’s a lovely deck that I think will work well on its own or in tandem with a Tarot deck. I’m eager to try a reading with it.

What do you think?

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