A good reminder that we all need to take time to refill the stores of our own mind, body and heart. People are stressed to the max these days; it’s imperative that we remember we need to take a break once in awhile, too. Don’t feel guilty if you need some time away from whatever battles you’re fighting, or just take a break from following the news. We’re not designed for incessant stress, and it will take a toll physically and mentally. Rest, meditate, get some exercise, soak in a hot tub, read something that makes you happy. This, too, is allowed. I’ve been trying to stay off Twitter, or at least focus on topics other than breaking news. Books, new Tarot decks, writing, anything that fills me up rather than drains me. It’s good to be informed, but it’s not my job. There are other people in far better positions to lead the charges. Staying away for a few days won’t cause the world to crash.

What do you think?

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