Skip the Gurus

Ok, so, today on YouTube, I had a ‘video suggested for you’ that I watched part of because it was about someone discovering that a former ‘teacher’ of theirs who is well-known in these circles (of Tarot, spiritualism, oracles, etc.) was actually full of shite. It was a long video, detailing her attempts to contact this high profile person who makes a mint churning out oracle decks and seminars and readings, and being rebuffed by the person and the publisher of said oracle decks. The YouTuber felt (rightly) that some of the cards in the famous gurus latest oracle deck were disrespectful and incorrectly depicted certain goddesses. At the moment I don’t want to link to the vid or name the “teacher” although some of you may know who it is.

If you’ve been around New Age types for any length of time, you should be able to smell a fraud when you run across one. The ones who make big money doing this have learned the buzzwords and the lingo and know precisely the kinds of things people want to hear, and they regurgitate it, again and again. I’m so angry that people keep being taken in by these charlatans. It’s not that I don’t believe there are genuinely gifted people out there who are deeply spiritual and caring, because I’m sure there are. The fact that I haven’t met them doesn’t mean they’re not there, it’s just they’re not the ones monetizing it and draining their followers of hard-earned cash on the talk circuit and putting on expensive seminars that promise deeper spirituality and connections to the gods and goddesses. This gets me so angry I am shaking. So yeah, feeling a little bit of Mother Kali myself today.

Part of my anger is for the scammers, but some of my irritation is with the the people who give their trust so completely to these con artists. It’s seductive to think one person has “the answers” and is willing to impart them to you — for a fee. After all, we’ve been trained for millennia that there are holy men and women who will act as intermediaries between us and the Divine, the universal spirit, God, Goddess, the Eternal Source, whatever you call it. The tip-off is when you have to sign up for expensive “workshops” to learn how to “find your truth”. Run screaming. Seriously.

If you want to work with goddesses (or gods, for that matter), you have to do the work yourself, not have someone tell you what you want to hear. Study, learn about the goddesses, meditate, find out how to approach the ones you feel connected to. Nobody can hand this to you in a 6-week seminar, or a 30-minute “coaching” session over the phone.

I said earlier I only watched part of the video. I barely got through half of it because I nearly exploded with anger and frustration. I wanted to put all this in a comment on the woman’s YT video, but that’s not the place and I didn’t want to say anything hurtful to her. I could tell she’s a very sincere, genuine person who got taken in and then had her heart ripped out by the false prophet she’d been following. She already knew so much more about the goddess the scammer had tried to tell her was “coming through her” than the scammer did that she should have realized, but people hear what they want to hear, especially from someone they respect. And still she thinks the person is a gifted psychic and channeler, and wanted, hoped, they and their publisher would listen to her and amend the book and deck that had set her off.

People, it’s not gonna happen. Those people are in business to make money. Period. Fame and fortune are the end-game for them. I probably should have let myself cool off a bit before writing this, and stated things more gently. I guess everyone has to learn this in their own time and their own way, and often the hard way.

No one can give you your truth. It’s a long, personal process that you have to go through yourself. There are no shortcuts. Please, stop putting self-proclaimed gurus up on a pedestal. Ma Kali, destroyer of egos, would want you to understand this.

And as Professor Snape wryly observed, “Clearly, fame isn’t everything.”

Kali in the 78 Tarot Mythical deck

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  1. M says:

    My rule of thumb – and a lesson I learned the hard way – is that, if you look closely at what first seems to be a very deep and insightful discourse, is really just vagueness and metaphors so that your mind and heart will fill in the gaps with what you want the truth to be. The more I delved into these circles, the more I grew to appreciate down-to-earth people, who will tell you what they mean without going round in circles to manipulate you.
    “No one can give you your truth. It’s a long, personal process that you have to go through yourself. There are no shortcuts.” – This is beautifully put and I only wish I had read it when I was 17 🙂

    1. D. D. Syrdal says:

      Thank you, M. You hit the nail on the head, calling it all vagueness and metaphors. These tricksters learn how to play the game to make themselves sound “special” and insightful when they are no such thing. People are too quick to accept their empty promises, and too slow to kick them to the curb.

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