Branching Out to YouTube

The Fool from the Naked Heart Tarot

Just a quick note that I’ve started a YouTube channel, Souls Journey, on Tarot and related topics. There are only 5 videos so far: 4 Tarot unboxings and one subscription box (Sabbat Box) opening. I’m not the most polished presenter, being more a writer than performer, and I’m still working on exactly how to do it. I’m using my DSLR on a tripod, but the angle is kind of weird so I’m still trying to think of a better method. But if you can put up with the growing pains and you’re interested, please stop by and let me know what you think. I didn’t realize it was such a popular title for a channel, so I think I’ll be working on a new name for it, too. For now, here’s the current banner.

Also, if you have your own channel, let me know and I’ll check it out! I’m doing the videos because I have no one in real life to talk Tarot with and I’m hoping to be able to connect with other Tarot readers/collectors/enthusiasts. I do follow others’ YouTube channels and leave comments and try to participate, but I find most other viewers don’t respond to each other, so it’s kind of a one-way conversation. Some of the creators are very good about responding to viewers, some aren’t. And I know this is going to sound whiny (or maybe not?), but it seems hard to break in and feel like you’re part of an established group. This relates more to the live chats (I’ve only joined a few so far, so maybe not really a fair sampling) but it seems there are definite favorites, a small cadre that know each other, that the hosts always follow their comments, and the rest are largely ignored. It feels very “high school” where the popular kids all hang out together and the rest are trying to get their attention, usually to no avail. I guess we really don’t ever get out of high school, do we? It’s just not very welcoming to new members/subscribers. How long can you keep showing up at these things and being ignored before you give up? I guess it takes time, but I think we can do better to welcome people seeking community. So, I guess I’ll just do my own thing and not worry about the cool kids.

I’ll still be posting here because I’m not sure right now how often I’ll be doing videos. If you like videos and would like to suggest a topic please feel free. As I’m just venturing into the world of YouTube creation, I’m not entirely sure what kind of videos to do, apart from the unboxings, and I don’t know how many of those I’ll have coming up. I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree lately but clearly can’t keep up this pace indefinitely. Some topics I might like to talk about in the future include:

  • Out-of-print decks I own
  • Older, uncommon decks (Euskalherria, 21st Century, Karma, Deva, et al)
  • Collecting vs using
  • Favorite books on Tarot
  • Decks you wish you could get your hands on
  • Least favorite decks
  • The perils of buying decks from eBay, maybe mention some sellers I like
  • Various versions of the RWS I own
  • Other stuff…?

If you have any ideas, or something you particularly want to see please feel free to suggest something.

What do you think?

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