78 Tarot Elemental – Deck Interview

A deck I backed on Kickstarter arrived the other day. The next entry from the 78Tarot collective, produced and coordinated by Kayti Welsh-Stewart with assistance from Joanna Nelson, book by Trish Sullivan, and created by 81 artists.

I did a walkthrough video on my YouTube channel, which you can see here:

I have to admit I am much more drawn in to this deck than the previous one I got from them, 78Tarot Mythical. There are many beautiful cards in that one as well, but overall I feel this one is more… cohesive? I just feel it more. Could this be my “soul deck”? I don’t know, I’m not sure I even believe there is such a thing. But I did have a strong desire to do a deck interview, which I normally do not with a new deck. This spread is from Katey Flowers.

78Tarot Elemental deck interview spread
78Tarot Elemental deck interview spread

Starting at the bottom:

Position 1 – What can you teach me? – The Emperor – Have confidence in yourself, don’t let yourself be pushed around.

Position 2 – Describe yourself – Nine of Cups – This is a joyful deck, and it will teach me to experience that joy.

Position 3 – Describe me – Nine of Fire – it sees my past struggles, but also sees that I can achieve what I want if I don’t give up.

Position 4 – How can we work together? – Four of Earth – by not letting those hard times make me inflexible.

Position 5 – Your strengths – Ten of Fire – This is a deck that is not afraid to take on a challenge, and can carry the load.

Position 6 – Your weakness – Five of Fire – Looking for conflict when it’s not necessary, picking at minutiae.

Position 7 – Our potential together – Judgement – Working together to create a new life, new goals and a new way of seeing.

I really got the impression this deck is here for me, it’s not going to be a passive relationship. It wants to work, and make me work. That Nine of Cups is mesmerizing, it feels like it’s yelling it’s the spirit of the deck to me. I’m eager to work with it.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Cedar Creel Liz here. I finally got around to popping in to your WordPress site – it’s great! I’m going to focus on mine a little more as I rather neglect it as a support to YT. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. D. D. Syrdal says:

      Thanks, Liz! I’m trying to remember to post here, too, especially if all the dire predictions about YouTube come to pass, we can all regroup on our blogs. Although I’m not sure how the videos will work, posting it directly here. I’ll have to look into that. Good luck with your blog!

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