Get a Tarot Reading

I’ve been reading the cards since the early 1970s, when I was gifted a deck at age 11. That first Swiss 1JJ deck began my lifelong passion (obsession?) with Tarot. I now have over 180 Tarot and various oracle decks. I have read for people across the table, and across the country. You can read through my blog to see some of the decks I own, or view the list here. Unless we agree on a particular deck that you want me to use, I will most often use a Waite-Smith deck for general readings.

If you’d like a reading, I offer the following. Please note: Payment via Paypal needs to be made in advance.

10 card Celtic cross spread, sent via email with write-up and photo of the spread: $110

Tarot cards
3-card spread using the Mythical Creatures Tarot from Baba Studio

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